Area Overview

The arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1905 promoted the growth of a tiny hamlet on the homestead of Joseph Todd, one of the first settlers of the area, and for some time this settlement was called Toddsville. After the C.P.R. built the first line through the area, Sir William Van Horne, then President of the C.P.R., changed the name to Alix after Mrs. Alexia Westhead, the first woman settler in the district.

Today, Alix is a progressive and growing community. There are over 25 local businesses that offer almost everything that one will need. There are also two banking institutions. Alix can boast some of the finest recreation facilities in central Alberta, with the Haunted Lakes Golf Course, Moonwalkers Indoor Play Centre, Alix Lake Recreation Area, Arena, Curling Rink, and Nature Trail.

If you would love living beside a lake, swimming, boating, skating, people who care about their neighbours, small town security minutes away from big town amenities, and having lots to do or doing nothing at all, you would love Alix.

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